Semester: 1

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
General and Inorganic Chemistry 5 Compulsory
Introduction to Agronomy 3 Compulsory
Mathematics Compulsory
Political Economy 4
Physics 5 Compulsory
Introduction to Computer Science and Computer Programming 5 Compulsory
Architectural and engineering design 4 Elective
Sociology 4 Elective
Meteorology 4 Elective
Land Survey 4 Elective
Sex, Equality of Opportunities and Individual Rights 4 Elective
English I Compulsory
General Agricultural Zoology and Entomology Compulsory

Semester: 2

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
Organic Chemistry 5 Compulsory
Plant Systematics 4 Compulsory
Agricultural Meteorology 4 Compulsory
General and Systematic Agricultural Zoology 5 Compulsory
Plant Morphology (Cytology-Anatomy) 5 Compulsory
General Microbiology 5 Compulsory
English II
Systematic Botany Compulsory
Biometry 5 Compulsory
Statistics 4 Compulsory

Semester: 3

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
Genetics 5 Compulsory
Ecology 4 Compulsory
Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals Compulsory
Programming and Computer Applications 3 Compulsory
Plant Physiology 6 Compulsory
Biochemistry 5 Compulsory
Geology - Minerology 4 Compulsory
Analitical Chemistry 6 Compulsory
Instrumental Analesis 5 Compulsory
English III Compulsory
Βιοκλιματολογία και Βιοκλιματικός Σχεδιασμός Αστικών Υπαίθριων Χώρων 4

Semester: 4

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
Soil Science and Fertilizers Compulsory
Farm Animal Nutrition 4 Compulsory
Rural Economy and Politics 5 Compulsory
General and Systematic Agricultural Entomology 5 Compulsory
Agricultural Hydraulics 5 Compulsory
5 Compulsory
English IV Compulsory
Advanced Agricultural Zoology & Entomology Compulsory
5 Compulsory
5 Elective
Phytopathology Compulsory

Semester: 5

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
Animal Husbandry 4 Compulsory
Environmental Management and Protection 3 Compulsory
General Viticulture 5 Compulsory
General Principles of Crop Production 5 Compulsory
General Pomology 5 Compulsory
Principles of Vegetable Production 5 Compulsory
General Plant Pathology 5 Compulsory
English V Compulsory
Intoductory Pomology 5 Compulsory
Phytopathology Compulsory
Statistical Data Analysis Using Statistical Packages 4

Semester: 6

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
Pesticide Science 5 Compulsory
Agricultural Experimentations 5 Compulsory
Agricultural Industries 5 Compulsory
Field Crops I 5 Compulsory
Pomology (Deciduous Fruit and Nut Trees) 5 Compulsory
Farm Machinery 5 Compulsory
Sericulture and Apiculture 5 Elective
5 Elective
5 Elective
5 Elective
5 Elective
Weed Science 5 Elective
English VI Compulsory
Fruit tree cultivation (Deciduous - Evergreen fruit trees) 5 Compulsory

Semester: 7

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
Floriculture (Principles and basic cultures) 5 Compulsory
Plant Breeding I 5 Compulsory
Agricultural Entomology and Zoology 5 Compulsory
Field Crops II 5 Compulsory
Pomology (Subtropical and Tropical Fruits) 5 Compulsory
5 Elective
Topics in Quantitative Ecology 5 Elective
Irrigation 5 Elective
Organic Agriculture 5 Elective
5 Elective
Principles and methods of plant disease managment Elective

Semester: 8

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
Marketing of Agricultural Products & Food I 5 Elective
Advanced Viticulture 5 Compulsory
Agricultural Entomology 5 Compulsory
Field vegetables 4 Compulsory
Plant Diseases of Fruit Trees, Olives and Vines 5 Compulsory
Ornamental Plants 5 Compulsory
5 Elective
Agricultural Policy 4
Vegetable breeding for resistance 5 Elective
5 Compulsory

Semester: 9

Course name Credits Compulsory/Elective
Floriculture II 5 Compulsory
Urban Ecology and Bioclimatology 5 Compulsory
Garden Structures 5 Compulsory
Landscape Architecture 5 Compulsory
Diseases of Vegetables, Ornamentals Plants and Industrial Crops 5 Compulsory
Basic Plant Virology 5 Elective
Topography and Remote Sensing 5 Compulsory
Plant Breeding II (Field crops) 5 Compulsory
Seed Production and Technology of Field Crops 5 Compulsory
Field Crops III (Legumes) 5 Compulsory
Deseases of field crops 5 Compulsory
Special Topics on Soil Cultivation 5 Elective
Field Crops IV (Aromatic, Medicinal, Oil & Fiber crops) 5 Elective
Management of Grasslands and Pastures 5 Elective
Agricultural Experimentation II 5 Compulsory
Farm Management Compulsory
Small Fruits 5 Compulsory
Viticulture II (Special Topics) 5 Elective
Propagation of Fruit Trees and Shrubs 5 Compulsory
Post-Harvest Handling of Fruit and Vegetables 5 Compulsory
Wine Technology 5 Elective
Vegetable Cultivation under Cover 5 Elective
Vegetable Propagation Physiology and Technology 5 Compulsory
Greenhouse Structures 5 Compulsory
5 Compulsory
Special topics in Agricultural Zoology and Entomology 5 Compulsory
5 Elective
Principles and Methods of Use and Management of Plant Protection Products and Biocides 5 Compulsory
Integrated Pest Management 5 Compulsory
Principles and Methods for Plant Disease Diagnosis 5 Compulsory
Agricultural Ecotoxicology 5 Elective
propagation of fruit trees and shrubs Compulsory
Fruit tree propagation 5 Compulsory
Pathology of Productive Insects 5 Elective
5 Elective
5 Elective
Advanced Phytopathology (Diseases of vegetable and ornamental plants) Compulsory
Biotechnology and Plant Breeding 5
5 Elective