Course: Sericulture and Apiculture

Pashalis Charizanis


            Bees and silkworms are the two most important productive insects. Besides the basic knowledge that the class Apiculture – Sericulture offers, to the student, it also provides him practical training in order to be useful to farmers or start his own operation. There are sectors who are requiring small amount of capital to start with. Very important products are produced and are used as food, medicine or cosmetics. The most important benefit for humans is pollination that the honey bee offers to cultivated and wild plants and increase environmental diversity.


Social structure, anatomy  and  physiology, nutrition,   behavior  and   genetics    of  bees,   pollination  and honey plants. Methods of production, preservation and processing of honey, wax, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and bee poison. The uses of hive products to human nutrition, pharmacology, cosmetics etc.

Economic and social significance of sericulture. Biology  and  rearing of silkworms, cocoon reeling and  silk processing. The separation and uses of reeling by-products in cosmetics. The cultivation of the mulberry tree, its multiple uses and its significance as domestic animal feed.