Faculty Structure


The administrative bodies of the Faculty are the General Assembly, the Administrative Council and the Chair of the Faculty.

The General Assembly is responsible for the general supervision of the educational and research policy of the Faculty.  It is also responsible for the organization and revision of the curriculum, the establishment of committees and the approval of teaching books and the approval of teaching and administrative responsibilities.

The Administrative Council of the Faculty has the responsibility for personal administrative matters of students. 

The Chair of the Faculty calls and chairs over the meetings of the General Assembly organizes committees and in general supervises the educational and research activities of the Faculty.  He also ensures that the relevant decisions of the General Assembly are implemented.

At the present, the structure and organisation of the Faculty are as follows:


Chair of Faculty: Professor M. Papafotiou

Deputy Chair:  Assoc. Professor Panayiota-Thiresia Papastylianou

Secretary Theodora Zampeli

Telephone: 2105294522

Fax: 2105294525

Maria Dimopoulou

Telephone: 2105294525



Student subjects Katerina Mavragani Telephone: 2105294524

Email: grfytpar@aua.gr


Post Graduate Subjects

Dr K. Martini

Telephone: 2105294523

Email: pmsefp@aua.gr




Section of Agronomy Plant Breeding and Biometry

Director: Professor Dr. P. Efthimiadis

Assistant: Professor G.N. Skaracis

Section of Vegatable Production Floriculture and Landscape Architecture

Director: Professor H. Passam

Assistant: Professor J. Chronopoulos

Section of Plant Protection and Environment

Director: Professor B.N. Ziogas

Assistant: Professor G. Arapis

Section of Pomology and Viticulture

Director: Professor E. Stavrakakis

Assistant: -