Floriculture & Landscape Architecture

General Info Floriculture and Landscape Architecture

Director of Laboratory: Professor M. Papafotiou

Objects - Aims: 

Object of Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture is the teaching and research on:

  • Culture techniques of field and under cover floricultural crops, soilless cultures, applied physiology of growth and flowering, methods of propagation-micropagation, post-harvest physiology and handling, flower arrangement, introduction of new species for cultivation, biology, cultivation and management and science of turfgrasses.
  • Theoretical and applied practices of  Landscape planning in urban, agricultural and forestal environment, studies on  parks plantings, athletic centers, gardens etc.,  landscape reclamation after damage from large scale technical works (road construction etc.), reclamation and development of downgraded regions (Tips, Quarries etc.) aiming at their integration in the natural environment. Studies of environmental impact.

The Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture is located in the Krimbas building.


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Course name Credits Undergrad/Postgrad Compulsory/Elective
Phοtoperiodism, Physiology of Flowering and Plant Stress Physiology Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Architecture Studio I 10 Postgrad Compulsory
History and Theory of Landscape Architecture 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Materials and Technology in Landscape Architecture 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Plants 4 Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Digital Media 2 Postgrad Compulsory
Urban and Suburban Ecology 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Introduction to MLA Thesis Ι 5 Postgrad Compulsory
New Trends in Floriculture Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Architecture Studio II 10 Postgrad Compulsory
Theory of Contemporary Landscape Architecture 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Construction 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Planting Design 6 Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Representation 2 Postgrad Elective
Turfgrass Management for Sports and Recreation 2 Postgrad Elective
Introduction to MLA Thesis ΙI 6 Postgrad Compulsory
Seed and Nursery Stock Production of Vegetable and Ornamental Plants Postgrad Compulsory
Plant Tissue Culture - Micropropagation Postgrad Compulsory
Advanced Studio Landscape Architecture 12 Postgrad Compulsory
Cultural and Social Aspects of Landscape Architecture 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Assessment 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Management 4 Postgrad Compulsory
Landscape Restoration and Ecological Design 4 Postgrad Compulsory
Environmental Impact Studies 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Legislation and Project Management 1 Postgrad Compulsory
Bioclimatology and Bioclimatic Design of Urban Open Space 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Introduction to MLA Thesis ΙII 5 Postgrad Compulsory
Floriculture (Principles and basic cultures) 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Ornamental Plants 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Floriculture II 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Garden Structures 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Landscape Architecture 5 Undergrad Compulsory
5 Undergrad Elective

Research Floriculture and Landscape Architecture

Research Interests :

  • Propagation and micropropagation, growth regulation and flowering of ornamentals and floricultural plants, as well as of indigenous species with potential floricultural use.
  • Introduction of composts from agricultural wastes as peat substitutes in the production practice of ornamentals and floricultural crops.
  • Postharvest handing of cut flowers and foliages
  • Preserve and drying foliages and flowers
  • Photoacclimation of foliage and other plants
  • Hydroponics and soiless cultures of ornamental plants
  • Turfgrass establishment and maintenance for athletic fields, golf courses, land reclamation and slopes. Studies of agrochemical leaching through turfgrass profiles.Allelopathy of garden plants, weeds and turfgrasses
  • Landscape architecture and garden design focusing on land reclamation, urban horticulture, protection of environmentally sensitive areas and roof garden constructions.
  • Restoration of landfills and sloped areas.

Projects of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture Laboratory

  • “Bioclimatic Planting design of the Container Terminal of Piraeus Port” (2015). Financed by the Piraeus Port Authority S.A.
  • “ARCHEOSCAPE - Integrated Vegetation Management in Archaeological Sites for Monument Protection and Enhancement of the Historic Landscape” - THALIS (2012-2015). The research program was co-financed by Greece and the European Union, under the egis of the Eduvation and Lifelong Learing operational program, NRSF 2007-2013.
  • Bilateral S & T Cooperation between Greece and China 2012-2014 - "Research and Technological Cooperation on Selection and Recommendation Substrates and Plant Compositions for green roofs". NSRF
  • “Planning of the maintenance of Pedion Areos Park and Attikon Park” (2009-2010). Financed by the Prefecture of Attika.
  • Open Academic Courses - 'Open Academic Courses AUA. " (2012-2015). NSRF
  • ATLAS-Graduate Undergraduate students AUA. (2012-2105). NSRF
  • LEONARDO DA VINCI - «Urban Greening Systems for the Mediterranean Region» (2013-2015). EU.
  • COST FA1203-SMARTER - Sustainable management of Ambrosia artemisiifolia in Europe. (2012-2015). EU.
  • Rehabilitation and Improvement of the urban and suburban landscape of the Municipality of Neapolis, Lasithi (2009-2010). Financed by the Municipality of Neapolis
  • Green Waste Management AUA. (2009-2011). Financed by A.U.A.

Publications of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture Laboratory

Scientific Publications 2010-2020

International Peer Reviewed Scientific Journals

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