Course: Landscape Architecture

Maria Papafotiou
Anastasia Akoumianaki-Ioannidou
Angeliki Paraskevopoulou


Course description:


1.      Historical review. The development of landscape architecture as an art and science.

2.      Criteria for the selection of plant material. Geomorphology, maps and air photographs, remote sensing.

3.      Study case (the conception and structure of a landscape architecture design. Draft - final design, technical specifications. Application of the design to the area).

4.      Garden conservation (trees, shrubs, annual and perennial flower-beds, grass).

5.      Small scale projects (monumental and archaeological areas, gardens of houses and schools, playgrounds, pedestrian precincts, parking areas).

6.      Large scale projects (configuration of urban and suburban areas, parks, tourist units, international exhibitions, campuses etc.).

7.      Development of downgraded areas aimed at their accession to the natural landscape. Protection of slopes.

8.      General aspects concerning the profession of the landscape architect.



Teaching aids: Notes

Examination: Oral and practical exercises