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Katerina Gkoltsiou

Assistant Professor
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Personal Info

Dr Aikaterini Gkoltsiou is Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture

Agricultural University of Athens (AUA).

Education: Ph.D. in Geography, University of the Aegean (2007), Μaster in Landscape Architecture (M.L.A.) University of Edinburgh (1996), First degree in Crop Sciences, Agricultural University of Athens (1993)

Professional/Academic experience: Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture (Landscape Design, Assessment, and Management) at the Laboratory of Floriculture & Landscape Architecture of the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), since 2022. She teaches several courses in Landscape Architecture at postgraduate and undergraduate level. She has her own practice on Landscape Architecture, in Athens-Greece (www.katerinagoltsiou.gr) since 1997, and she specializes in a wide range of services in design, construction, and research sector of landscape architecture.  She is also a partner of AGRODESIGN (www.agrodesign.gr), to promote agritourism and landscape design.

She has a certification of teaching qualification of Trainers for Adults of non-formal education recognized both in Greece and in EU member states and she was participating in many lifelong learning programs for adults.  She is also the co-author in books for High Schools and Universities, she wrote articles in many scientific journals and technical reports.

She is the President of the European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA Europe) (2021-2023), former IFLA Europe Vice President of Professional Practice (2019-2021), Delegate of PHALA-Greece in IFLA Europe (2016-2019), as well as past president of the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects (PHALA) for six years (2016-2021). As such she is involved in many working groups and networks in European Commission and Council of Europe.

Research Interests: Since 2002, she is participating as project manager and scientific expert in EU research projects, focused on subjects related to landscape, landscape analysis and landscape character assessment, raising public awareness about landscape /environment, landscape management, the value of agricultural landscape and in general subjects related to the protection of nature and biodiversity.  She has also been certified on public participation methods and since then, she is trying to raise awareness among the civil society, private organisations, and public authorities about the value of landscapes and their protection.

Publications: Amongst other publications she has peer reviewed publications in international journals, international conference proceedings and national conference proceedings, as well as books and chapters in books for the secondary and higher education.


CV.ΓΚΟΛΤΣΙΟΥ Ιανουαριος 2023.pdf, CV Gkoltsiou-Jan 2023 .pdf
Title Credits Undergrad/Postgrad Compulsory/Elective
Legislation and Project Management 1 Postgraduate Compulsory
Landscape Assessment 3 Postgraduate Compulsory
5 Undergraduate Elective
Landscape Restoration and Ecological Design 4 Postgraduate Compulsory
Materials and Technology in Landscape Architecture 3 Postgraduate Compulsory
  • 2022-2025: Scientific Assistant at the Εrasmus + program: «Democratic Landscape Transformation: Towards an Open Landscape Academy». Scientific Manager: Associate Prof. Α. Paraskevopoulou, Laboratory of Floriculture & Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Univ. of Athens.
  • 2020-2022: Scientific Assistant at the Ηοrizon 2020 program: Social and Innovative Platform on Cultural Tourism and its potential towards deepening Europeanisation (SPOT).   Scientific Manager: Th. S. Terkenli, dep, of Geography, Univ. of the Aegean.
  • 2016 – 2018: Geo-Ergon Paideia” «Start Up Farm: Skills for future ecofarmers». Erasmus+, through the Greek State Scholarship Foundation. Coordinator and Scientific manager Prof. D. Lekkas, University of the Aegean, Department of the Environment. Research and teaching the subject: “Brand my Land”.
  • 2013-2015: MedScapes: Development of Landscape Character Assessment as a tool for effective conservation of natural heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean, (ENPI CBC -2007-2013). Project Manager & Scientific Assistant for the University of the Aegean, Department of Geography. Scientific Manager: Th.S.Terkenli, dep, of Geography, Univ. of the Aegean.
  • 2012-2015: COST ACTION (IS 1204 EL):"Tourism, Wellbeing and Ecosystem Services (TObeWELL).  MC Substitute Member in Management Committee Meetings.
  • 2012-2014: COST ACTION (FP1204 EL):"Green Infrastructure approach: linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests". MC Substitute Member in Management Committee Meetings.
  • 2012-2014: E-CLIC. With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union. Making European Policy Popular through Challenge, Learning, Innovation, Cooperation:  An experiment on the Landscape Convention / E-CLIC. 2013-2015. Research upon the following areas: A) Good practices in implementation of landscape policies. Greek case studies and B) A Greek policy review. Organizer: PRISMA Ltd. http://www.e-clicproject.eu/el/
  • 2010-2014: (CANEPAL) Culture and nature: the European heritage of sheep farming and pastoral life. Research upon the following areas: “Landscape” and “Transhumance roads”. Organizer: PRISMA Ltd. http://www.prismanet.gr/canepal/en-10-research-topics/en-5-landscape, http://www.prismanet.gr/canepal/en-10-research-topics/en-4-transhumance-routes
  • 2007-2013: Scientific Assistant at the program: IRMA, Efficient Irrigation Management Tools for Agricultural Cultivations and Urban Landscapes (European Territorial Cooperation Programs GREECE-ITALY, 2007-2013) Scientific Manager: I. Tsirogiannis, Technological Education Institute of Epirus.
  • 2007-2013: Scientific Assistant at the program: Archimedes III- Strengthening Research Teams at Technological Education Institute of Epirus: Impact assessment of green infrastructure on buildings and development of innovative hydroponic structures for planting. Scientific Manager: G. Varras, Technological Education Institute of Epirus.
  • 2005-2007: Scientific Assistant at the program: Monitoring and modelling land use/land cover change in coastal areas using Remote Sensing and GIS, Call identifier: Pythagoras II- (EPEAEK II), Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, Greece. Scientific Manager: S.Koukoulas, Dep, of Geography, Univ. of the Aegean.
  • 2005-2007: Scientific Assistant at the program (Environment-Pythagoras II): Study of the temporal evolution of the spatial structure of land uses in the region of Eastern Attica using landscape metrics. Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, Greece. Scientific Manager: S.Koukoulas, Dep, of Geography, Univ. of the Aegean
  • 2002: Scientific Assistant at the “Program Aegean Archipelago” Preservation and Management Plan for Randi Forest, Ikaria, Greece, under the auspices of UNESCO and financed by the Greek Government. Scientific Manager: K. Sofoulis, Dep, of Environment, Univ. of the Aegean


Α. Theses

  1.  Gkoltsiou, A., 2007. Development of a methodological framework of landscape indicators for the analysis of tourist landscape: The coastal tourist landscapes. PhD. Thesis. Dep. of Geography Univ. of the Aegean, Lesvos. 
  2. Gkoltsiou, A. 1996. Holes in the landscape. The landscape architect’s role in quarry restoration. Case study: Blue Cement Works-Derbyshire. M.L.A. Thesis. Department of Landscape Architecture. University of Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

Β. Peer reviewed Journals

  • Gkoltsiou A., Μοugiakou E., 2021. The use of Islandscape character assessment and participatory spatial SWOT analysis to the strategic planning and sustainable development of small islands. The case of Gavdos. Land Use Policy. 103, 1-34. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.landusepol.2021.105277
  • Gkoltsiou A., 2020. Landscaping a stony intruder. Topos. 111, 095-099.
  • Gkoltsiou A., Paraskevopoulou A., 2021. Towards an energy alternative solution through opencast lignite mine reclamation. Acta Horticulture. (Αpproved 20/05/2021)
  • Gkoltsiou A., Paraskevopoulou A., 2021. Landscape character assessment, perception surveys of stakeholders and SWOT analysis: a holistic approach to historical public park management. Journal of Tourism and Outdoor Recreation. 35, 1-17. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jort.2021.100418
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  • Gkoltsiou Α., Athanasiadou Ε., Paraskevopoulou Α., 2021. Agricultural Heritage Landscapes of Greece: three case studies and strategic steps towards their acknowledgement, conservation and management. Sustainability Special Issue - "Exploring Agricultural Heritage in European and Mediterranean Countries". Sustainability 2021, 13(11), 5955; https://doi.org/10.3390/su13115955
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  • Gkoltsiou, A., Terkenli, S.T., 2012. Αn interdisciplinary analysis of tourist landscape structure. TOURISMOS: An International Multidisciplinary Journal of Tourism, 07(2). http://www.chios.aegean.gr/tourism/vol7iss2.htm

C. Publications in books and chapters in books

  • Gkoltsiou Α., Siakavara A., 2021. Seascape character assessment in Greece. The case of small islands-Gadvos. In Pungetti G. (Eds) The Routledge Handbook of Seascapes. The Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.
  • Gkoltsiou A., 2021. Collective memory and place identity. In the anniversary volume of the Panagiotis and Efis Michelis Foundation (Ed.) Aesthetics: Architecture, Archaeology, Landscape Architecture. (In Print).
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  • Gkoltsiou A., 2019. The contribution of landscape architects to the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. In: Athanasiadou E., Mavridou A., Papadopoulou A. (eds.), Implementation of the European Convention on Landscape, Arising obligations regarding studies and projects, (Interdisciplinary Program, 4 Academic Semesters) Landscape Architecture AUTH, (pp. 63-68). Thessaloniki: Ziti Publications.
  • Gkoltsiou A., 2018. Valuing landscapes. Connecting People, Place and Nature. IFLA YEARBOOK 2018. IFLA EUROPE, The European Region of the International Federation of Landscape Architects, Yearbook 2018.
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D. Conference publications

  • Gkoltsiou Αik, 2022. Agrotourism and Landscape Architecture.: planning experiences and practices of highlighting the rural landscape. 30o Conference of the Hellenic Society of Horticultural Science. "The Challenges of Climate Change in the Fruit and Vegetable Sector". May 9-13, 2022.
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