Course: Ornamental Plants

Maria Papafotiou
Anastasia Akoumianaki-Ioannidou
Angeliki Paraskevopoulou

Course description:


1.   Classification of ornamental plants (spring and summer annuals, perennials, bulbous and tuberous, border plants, evergreen shrubs and trees, deciduous shrubs and trees, climbing and rambling plants, indoor plants, water plants, alpines).

2.   Taxonomy (identification of species and cultivars).

3.   Morphological and biometric characteristics (shape and size of the plant and its parts, description of the flower, time of flowering and bearing).

4.   Propagation (seed, cuttings, layering, division, tubers, bulbs, corms, rhizomes, grafting).

5.   Cultivation (climate, soil, irrigation, fertilisation, pruning, plant protection).

6.   Use of ornamental plants in gardening and landscaping.



Teaching aids: Notes

Examination: Written (Theory), written and oral (Lab. work)