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General Information:

The laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Sciences was founded on 1978 (first Director Professor Michael Karandinos (today Emeritus Professor) to cover the, innovated for Greece that year, scientific fields of Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

Nowadays, Professor Costas Saitanis is the Director of the Laboratory.

Over last years new Teaching and Research Staffhas been added and multifarious Teaching, Research and social activities have been developed.

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Course name Credits Undergrad/Postgrad Compulsory/Elective
Urban and Suburban Ecology 3 Postgrad Compulsory
Special Topics in Ecology 5 Postgrad Elective
Ecosystems' management 3 Postgrad Elective
Ειδικά Θέματα Οικολογίας 5 Postgrad Elective
Ecology 4 Undergrad Compulsory
Environmental Management and Protection 3 Undergrad Compulsory
Topics in Quantitative Ecology 5 Undergrad Elective
Urban Ecology and Bioclimatology 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Agricultural Ecotoxicology 5 Undergrad Elective

Research Ecology


B.Sc. Ph.D.,associate professor & director of the laboratory, (+30) 210 529 4465, mani@aua.gr

Teaching Activities  - Research Interests

  • Teaching and research activities in the fields of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Toxicology, with emphasis to Radioecology, Radioprotection, Soil Pollution and Risk Assessment in polluted agricultural ecosystems.
  • Applicability studies of soil-rehabilitation technologies and of their secondary effects.
  • Recovery of polluted agricultural areas and Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment.



B.Sc. Ph.d., Prof., (+30) 210 529 4404,  argyr@aua.gr

Research Interests

  • Ecophysiology-Biological rhythms- Growth & development of insects’ population
  • Investigation of the diapause syndrome of insects- Effect of abiotic factors
  • Adaptations of insects to environmental stresses (temperature- cold)
  • Circadian rhythms of emergence, parasitism and feeding of parasitoids and predators
  • Role of the abiotic factors on growth and development of insects of Agriculture interest


B.Sc. Ph.d.,Lecturer, (+30) 210 529 4466, saitanis@aua.gr

Research Interests

  • Effects of Atmospheric Pollutants’ (Ozone, Heave Metals, Radionuclides) on Agricultural Plants and Natural Ecosystems. Biomonitoring and Phytodetection of Atmospheric pollutant in urban, suburban and agricultural areas.
  • Quantitative Ecology, Population Dynamics, Plant Community Structure and Characteristics, Ecological and Environmental Data Analysis.

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