Course: Urban Ecology and Bioclimatology

Gerasimos Arapis

Course description:


(a)  Urban ecology (Arapis Gerasimos)


1. Historical review of urbanization. Urban space as an anthropogenic ecosystem. Flow of matter and energy.

2. Flora and fauna of urban areas. Stress. Plant and animal bio-indicators and bio-monitors of pollution.

3. Human stress from pollution and other factors of the urban habitat. Urban waste management.

4. The application of ecological principles to the planning and structure of urban areas.


(b) Bioclimatology (Tsiros Ioannis)


1.      History, objectives, specific stations, instruments, observations, bioclimatic indicators, classification.

2.      Spatial characteristics of climate, urban microclimate, atmospheric pollution, greenhouse effect.

3.      Bioclimate of planted urban sites, microclimatic behaviour of buildings, urban green.

4.      Suburban green and the urban environment. Value of bioclimatology in planning: consequences - effects.



Teaching aids:  "Lectures in Bioclimatology" by A. Chronopoulou-Sereli and M. Ouziel

"Topics in the Ecology of the Urban Environment" by A. Riga-Karandinou

Examination: Written