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Konstantinos Saitanis

Associate Professor

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Associate Professor in the Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental Sciences of the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.


Quantitative Ecology (...data processing):

Applied advanced statistics - Ecological and environmental data analysis
Population dynamics - Species association - Biodiversity measure - alpha-beta-gamma Diversity - Spatial patterns - SADIE analysis - Numerical Ecology Methods (Cluster Analysis, Principal Component Analysis, Factor Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Canonical Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, .....).

Environmental pollution (...experimental research):

Air pollutants' dynamics - Diurnal and seasonal patterns - Effects of ozone on cultivated plants and natural ecosystems - Instrumental monitoring and Phytodetection of Ozone in urban, suburban, agricultural and forest areas, using ozone bioindicator plants (Bel-W3; white clover; Centaurea juncea, ...) -Laboratory experimental studies of ozone effects on plant physiology parameters (chlorophyll fluorescence and photosynthesis, chlorophyll content, phaeophytins, carotenoids, SOD enzyme, etc.) - Urban atmospheric pollution, Biomonitoring of heavy metals in urban and industrial environments using street-belt ornamental plants and mosses bags. Mobility of radionuclides in the soil-roots-plant system


He teaches the following topics (to undergraduate, Master and Erasmus students):


"Quantitative Ecology"

"Environmental Protection and Management"

Title Credits Undergrad/Postgrad Compulsory/Elective
Special Topics in Ecology 5 Postgraduate Elective
Ecology 4 Undergraduate Compulsory
Topics in Quantitative Ecology 5 Undergraduate Elective
Ecosystems' management 3 Postgraduate Elective
Environmental Management and Protection 3 Undergraduate Compulsory

Resent researach Projects (indicatively)

Project Leader: “Study of the effects of tropospheric ozone on cultivated plantsProtections methods”. EPEAEK – “Pythagoras” Project, ELKE Code:

Project Leader: “A Study of the effects of tropospheric ozone in biomass production and insect fauna composition of bioindicator plants species in Egypt and Greece”. A Greece-Egypt bilateral Project. GSRT.

Project Leader: “Revitalization of urban ecosystems through vascular plants: assessment of technogenic pollution impact”. A multinational (Bulgaria-Greece –Romania-Russia-Serbia-Turkey) Research Project funded by the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).


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