Course: Basic Plant Virology

Elisavet Chatzivassiliou

Course description:


1.      Introduction. Virus composition, structure and reproduction. Nomenclature, taxonomy, evolution, strains. Natural and experimental host range.

2.      Transmission: mechanical and graft transmission, transmission by vectors.

3.      Virus-vector relationships. Spread through vegetative propagation material and seeds.

4.      Symptomatology. Latent infection. Anatomical and cytological symptoms. Virus  properties in vitro.

5.      Isolation purification, preparation of antisera, serology, electron microscopy and identification. Detection and diagnosis methodology, indexing, hybridisation, PCR.

6.      Epidemiology. Viroids, virus-like diseases and phytoplasmas.

7.      Economical importance. Principles of control. Phytosanitary measures. Vector avoidance and control. Cross protection. Symptom reduction. Resistant varieties.  Production of virus free propagation material, certification.


Teaching aids:"Plant Virology" by P.E. Kyriakopoulou

"Plant Virology" by R.E. Matthews, Third Edition

Examination: Oral