Course: Post-Harvest Handling of Fruit and Vegetables

Harold Christofer Passam

Course description:


(a)  Post-harvest physiology and technology of vegetable produce

1.The principles of post-harvest technology of vegetable produce.  The causes and magnitude of loss during post-harvest handling.

2. Metabolic changes in vegetable produce after harvest in relation to its morphology and physiology. 

3. Vegetable quality.

4. Storage of leafy vegetables, vegetable fruits and underground organs.  Chilling injury and freezing injury.


(b)  Post-harvest handling of fruits

1. Fruit structure and anatomy.  Physiological and biochemical changes during the ripening of fruit under natural conditions.  Quality in relation to preharvest factors.  The application of growth regulators for the mechanical harvest of fruits.

2. Selection, standardisation and packaging of fruit.  Methods of fruit storage.

3. Physiological disturbance to fruit during cold storage.  Transport of fruit.  Regulations for marketing.


Teaching aids: "Post-harvest Physiology and Technology of Vegetables" by H.C. Passam

"Post-harvest Physiology of Fruits" by H.Tsantili

Examination: Written or oral