Course: Advanced Viticulture

Aikaterini Biniari
Maritina Stavrakaki
Despoina Bouza

Course description:


1.   Establishing the vineyard (preparation, planting, vine support etc.).

2.   Cultivation practices (training, pruning, shoot and leaf removal, topping, thinning, girdling, growth regulators).  Maturity and harvesting.

3.   The species Vitis vinifera L.  Classification of grapevines.

4.   The evolution of the vineyard in Greece.

5.   Descriptive characters and morphology of grapevine varieties. Performance of the most important phylloxera resistant rootstock varieties and hybrids.

6.   The most important Greek and foreign varieties (wine, raisin and table grape varieties) grown in Greece (origin, spread, morphological characteristics, performance and response to cultivation).


Teaching aids: Notes

Examination: Oral and written