Course: General Plant Pathology

Epameinondas Paplomatas
Sotiris Tjamos


Course description:


1.   Introduction.  Objectives, significance and history of plant pathology.

2.   Plant disease expression and symptomatology. Indicators of plant disease.

3.   Introduction to parasitic diseases. Host-pathogen interactions, specificity. Disease resistance, epidemiology.

4.   Phytopathogenic fungi: general introduction, reproduction, taxonomy, pathogenesis, release and dispersal of fungal inocula. Selected specific fungal diseases.

5.   Phytopathogenic prokaryotes: general introduction, reproduction, taxonomy, epidemiology.

6.   Plant viruses: introduction, properties of plant viruses, taxonomy, transmission, epidemiology and control.

7.   Plant diseases caused by parasitic higher plants: dodders and broomrapes.

8.   Non-parasitic disorders caused by temperature and moisture extremes, nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, environmental factors and pollutants.

9.   Principles of plant disease diagnosis and disease control.


Teaching aids: "Introductory Plant Pathology" by E.C. Tjamos

"Basic Plant Pathology" by S. Georgopoulos

University notes by E.C. Tjamos

Examination: Oral