Course: Plant Morphology (Cytology-Anatomy)


Course leaders:G. Aivalakis, S. Kintzios.


Course description:


(a)  Cytology

1.   Instrumental analysis of plant cells and tissues.

2.   Plant cell: sizes, morphology, chemical components.

3.   Cell organisation and organelles, vacuoles and cell walls.

4.   Cell division (meiosis, mitosis).

(b)  Morphology-Anatomy

1.   Embryo development.  Seeds of higher plants, germination.

2.   Organisation of the plant body.  Meristems.

3.   Histology (epidermal, fundamental (parenchyma), mechanical contactive tissues, secretory structures).

4.   Organography. Stem, apical organisation, roots, apical meristems, histogenesis, leaf organisation, abscission.

5.   The sexual reproduction of plants.


Teaching aids: "Plant Morphology and Anatomy"  by J. Drosopoulos (Lectures)

"Introduction to Cytology"  by S. Kintzios (Lectures)

"Laboratory Exercises for Plant Anatomy" (Lab. work)

Examination: Written (Theory), written + practical exams (Lab. work)