Course: Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals


Course description:

 1.   Osteology, syndesmology, myology.

2.   Neural system, blood and body fluids, cardiovascular system, circulation, lymphatic system.

3.   Respiratory system, digestive system, liver, pancreas, physiology of the digestive system.

4.   Urinary system and excretion.

5.   Genital system of the female. The oestrous cycle in different species. Pregnancy and parturition.

6.   Genital system of the male, spermatogenesis, spermatozoa, physiology of the male genital system.

7.   Common integument and sense organs.

8.   Anatomy and physiology of poultry.

Teaching aids:  "Anatomy of Farm Animals", vol. A by  E. Stoforos and I. Menegatos

"Anatomy and Physiology of Domesticated Animals", vol. B by E. Stoforos

"Notes on the Physiology of Agricultural Animals"

"Notes of the Anatomy Laboratory" by  G. Theodoropoulos and K. Papandonakis

Examination: Written.