Course: Agricultural Hydraulics


Course description:


(a)  General Hydraulics

1.   Introduction - definitions.  General properties of fluids (ideal-real fluids).

2.   Hydrostatics (hydrostatic pressure, measurement of pressure, manometers).

3.   Hydrodynamics (introduction, definitions, continuity equation, Bernoulli’s theorem, Venturi, Pitot devices).

4.   Fluid flow in pipes (type of flow, fluid velocity, linear and local head losses, nomographs).

5.   Open channel flow (type of flow, head losses, cross- section for maximum flux).

(b)  Irrigation and Drainage

1.   Introduction.  Hydrological cycle (soil water and solute balance).

2.   Water retention, moisture characteristic curve.  Hydraulic conductivity.  Crop water requirements.

3.   Irrigation systems: flooding, basins, borders, sprinklers, drip irrigation, furrows, mini-sprinklers.

4.   Drainage systems.  Steady-state and transient state. Depth of water table.


Teaching aids: Notes

Examination: Written