Course: Agricultural Entomology and Zoology

Nikolaos Emmanouil

Course description:


(a)  Pests of Cultivated Plants.

Morphology, biology, type of injury, ecology and control of insect pests of industrial plants and of the mite and nematode pests of pome fruits, stone fruits, citrus, olives, vines, ornamentals, cereals, industrial plants, field and glasshouse vegetables.

(b)  Insects of Stored Products and Food

Morphology, biology and control of household insects and those infesting agricultural products post-harvest. Ecological factors, disinfestation, fumigation.


Teaching aids: "Specialised Zoology" by N. Emmanouel.

"Insects of Cotton and Pulses" by K. Bouchelos

"Insects of Stored Products" by K. Bouchelos

Examination: Written (Theory), oral (Lab. work)