Course: Agricultural Industries


Course description:


1.   The role of physical properties in the processing and preservation of agricultural products and food.

2.   Basic elements of food preservation and introduction to the mechanical and heat processes of the agricultural, and especially of the food, industry. Relevant equipment used. Typical examples of flow sheets of food industries.

3.   Nutrients: lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic elements, water (chemical structure and properties). Additives. Chemical composition of foods. Flavours. Pigments.

4.   The Greek dairy industry. Secretion and ingredients of milk. Physicochemical properties of milk. Factors affecting milk composition. Production of high quality milk. Milk treatments.


Teaching aids: "Topics in Food Chemistry" by M. Komaitis

"Lectures in Dairy Processes" by E. Anifantakis

"Processes and Mechanical Equipment for Food Processing Industries" by A. Kostaropoulos

Examination:  Written