Course: General Viticulture

Aikaterini Biniari
Maritina Stavrakaki
Despoina Bouza



The contribution of the vine to the aesthetics of the rural landscape and the protection of the environment - Viticulture in Greece and the world - Productive grapevine varieties - Cultivated areas and production of viticultural products - Viticultural products - Problems and perspectives of the Greek vineyard

Morphology and anatomy of the vine (Unit 1):
Root-Shoot-Leaves-Helixes-Inflorescence-Flower-Bunch-Berry-Seed (Origin - Distinction - Role-Morphology-Anatomy) Grapevine buds - Shoot buds - Apical bud - Side buds- Cane buds (Anatomy-Fertility-Distinction and evaluation of latent vine buds)

Annual Vegetation Cycle (Unit 2):
Introduction - Grapevine budbreak (Phenology-Break of the latent buds of the vine-Break of the lateral and latent buds of the shoot) - Shoot Growth - Differentiation of the shoots - Leaf fall

Pruning of the vine (Unit 7):
Introduction-Pruning and training systems of the vines-Physical characteristics of the canopy, Training systems and Selection Criteria-Methodology and techniques of training in the various systems- Fruit pruning-Effect of pruning on the budbreak and fruiting of the vines- Guidance and pruning principles - Fruit pruning systems and selection criteria - Season of execution of winter fruiting pruning-Training and trellis systems and fruiting pruning of the Greek vineyard

Vineyard management (Unit 8):
Introduction - Soil cultivation - Weed control - Fertilization - Irrigation - Harvest - Harvesting methods