Course: Genetics


1.     Genetics and the organism. Mendelian analysis (dominance, multiple and lethal alleles, genetic interaction, penetrance and expression).

2.     Cytogenetics (mitosis and meiosis, the discovery of linkage).

3.     Sex chromosomes (inheritance of sex, linkage of genes on sex chromosomes, mapping).

4.     Changes in chromosome structure (translocations, inversions, deletions and duplications).

5.     Changes in chromosome number (euploidy, aneuploidy, chromosome mechanics in plant breeding).

6.     The nature of the gene, DNA structure and function. Structure and function of eukaryotic chromosomes.

7.     Genetic recombination, gene mutation, recombination in bacteria and viruses.

8.     The extranuclear genome.  Genetics and cellular differentiation.  Recombinant DNA technology.


Teaching aids: "Genetics" Parts I and II by M. Loukas

Examination: Written