Course: Plant Breeding II (Field crops)

Penelope Bebeli
Eleni Tani

The course provides advanced knowledge about breeding of the most ecomonically important crops.

Course description:

1. Wheat breeding (origin, classification and economic importance. Chromosomes and wheat genetics, genetic diversity. Winter and spring wheat. Flowering and pollination. Breeding objectives and methods).

2.   Barley breeding (origin, taxonomy and economic importance. Barley genetics. Botanical characters, male sterility, varieties. Breeding methods. Isogenic analysis. Adaptation. Breeding objectives. Breeding complex characters.

3.      Corn breeding (origin, races and genetics. Pollination. Xenia. Heterozygous nature of open pollinated corn hybrids. Breeding objectives and population improvement).

4.      Potato breeding (origin, classification and economic importance. Genetics. Breeding objectives and methods. True potato seed).

5.      Cotton breeding (origin and taxonomy. Flowering, male sterility. Breeding objectives and methods. Variety maintenance).

6.      Sugar beet breeding (history, botany and genetics. Breeding objectives and methods).

Teaching aids: Slides, transparencies, video, textbook

Examination: Quiz and written