Course: Special topics in Agricultural Zoology and Entomology

Nikolaos Emmanouil
Georgios Papadoulis
Ioannis Giannakou

Course description:


1.  Plant nematology: identification, pathology, ecology-population dynamics, resistance and control of plant


2.  Plant acareology: identification, pathology,  ecology-population dynamics and control of plant mites.

3.  Acareology of stored products: morphology, biology, ecology and control of mites infesting agricultural

     products and food.

4.  Rodents and other vertebrate pests: morphology, biology, behaviour and ecology of Arvicolidae, Muridae

     and other vegetable pests.  Control, with emphasis on mechanical, cultural and chemical measures.

5.  Agricultural entomology: morphology, biology, type of injury, ecology and control of insects harmful to

     cereal, forage and ornamental plants.

6.  Arthropods of medical importance: flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, lice, mites, ticks  etc.


Teaching aids: "Specialised Zoology" (Notes) by N. Emmanouel 

Examination: Written (usually)