Course: Vegetable Propagation Physiology and Technology

Harold Christofer Passam

Course description:


1.     Economic importance of  vegetable seed production.

2.     Stages in the creation, multiplication and preservation of vegetable genetic material.

3.     Methods for the production of seed of the major vegetable species. Details concerning special cultivation techniques for seed production, harvest, seed extraction and cleaning.  Seed storage.  Quality control and certification.

4.     The physiology of seeds in relation to their development, ripening, longevity and germination:  structure and stages of development, maturation, dormancy, aging, germination. Germination and vigour tests, seed improvement.

5.     The physiology of organs of vegetative propagation. Cultivation techniques for the vegetative propagation of vegetables. Species included in this category are: potato, strawberry, sweet potato.



Teaching aids: "Vegetable Propagation Technology" by H.C. Passam

Examination: Written