Course: General and Systematic Agricultural Zoology

Nikolaos Emmanouil
Georgios Papadoulis
Ioannis Giannakou

Course description:


1.   Introduction (economic significance and importance of agricultural zoology, sub-disciplines of zoology).

2.   Concepts and terms from general zoology.  Nomenclature and systematic zoology.

3.   Pests of plants (morphology, biology, ecology, control of plant parasitic nematodes, mites and molluscs).

4.   Pests of domestic and other animals: biology, ecology, control of animal parasites belonging to the Protozoa, Platyhelminths, Nematodes, Arthropods (insects excluded) and various other phyla.

5.   Rodents and other vertebrates as pests of cultivated plants and stored products.

6.   Beneficial animals (predators-parasites of noxious animals: mites, nematodes, earthworms).


Teaching aids: "Lectures in Agricultural Zoology" by K. Pelekasis

"Technical and Systematic Agricultural Zoology" by N. Emmanouel (Notes)

Examination: Written