Plant Breeding and Biometry

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Director of Laboratory:  Penelope J. Bebeli

General Information:

The Laboratory of Plant Breeding and Biometry was founded in 1978. It is located in the first floor of Papadakis building and includes four rooms for laboratorial research and administration offices.

Additional research and teaching work is provided in relevant laboratory installations, in a field of about 1000m2, as well as in a plastic greenhouse of about 250m2, in a small glass greenhouse and in two growth chambers, alllocated in the University Campus.

Larger scale experimentation is conducted in University owned fields in the regions of Kopaida and Spata.

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Course name Credits Undergrad/Postgrad Compulsory/Elective
Research Methodology 5 Postgrad Compulsory
Biostatistics 3 Postgrad Elective
Applied Statistics - Chemometrics 5 Postgrad Elective
Applied non spatial statistical analysis 6 Postgrad Elective
Breeding for abiotic and biotic stress - Breeding for quality traits 3 Postgrad Elective
Molecular Breeding 3 Postgrad Elective
Breeding for quantitive traits 3 Postgrad Elective
Plant genetic resources 5 Postgrad Elective
Breeding, seed production and variety certification for organic systems 3 Postgrad Elective
Biometry 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Statistics 4 Undergrad Compulsory
Statistical Data Analysis Using Statistical Packages 4 Undergrad
Agricultural Experimentations 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Plant Breeding I 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Vegetable breeding for resistance 5 Undergrad Elective
Plant Breeding II (Field crops) 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Agricultural Experimentation II 5 Undergrad Compulsory
Biotechnology and Plant Breeding 5 Undergrad

Research Plant Breeding

Research interests:

  • Development of new and improved plant varieties.
  • Development and exploitation of conventional plant breeding methodology.
  • Development and exploitation of molecular breeding methodology including genetic mapping, marker assisted selection and fingerprinting.
  • Biotechnological approaches in plant breeding, including in vitro culture techniques and genetic engineering.
  • Management of phytogenetic resources, including collection, evaluation and description of the genetic material using conventional and molecular methods.
  • Application of experimental design methodology in agricultural research.

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