Course: Plant genetic resources

Penelope Bebeli

This course provides a profound knowledge about origin, exploration and collection of plant genetic recourses as well as their evolution and use in plant breeding.


Course description:

  • Biodiversity– agrobiodiversity.
  • Origin, evolution, genetic diversity of plant.
  • Wild relatives and local landraces.
  •  Exploration and collection of plant genetic resources (collecting mission, planning, methods and procedures).
  • Conservation of plant genetic resources (Ex Situ, Ιn Situ, On farm).
  • Characterizing, evaluating and documenting of plant genetic resources.
  • Genetic erosion - Genetic vulnerability.
  •  Plant genetic resources management - Legal framework.
  • Utilization of plant genetic resources in plant breeding.

Teaching aids: Slides and textbook

Examination: Assignment and Oral