Course: Breeding for quantitive traits

Penelope Bebeli
Eleni Tani

A major challenge in current plant breeding is to understand the genetic basis of variation for quantitative traits as most of the economically-important traits in crops are quantitative and are controlled by many genes. Breeding for Quantitative Traits in Plants investigates the application of quantitative genetics to plant breeding. Finally the principles of quantitative trait locus mapping are mentioned as well as the genetic architecture of quantitative traits .

Course description

  • Structure and population genetics of self and cross pollinated crops
  • Biometric methods in the analysis of quantitative traits (average and population fluctuations, coupling drawings)
  • Interaction of genotype and environment,
  • Improved varieties for adaptability, performance stability and behavior under low-input conditions
  • Improve quantitative traits with genetic information (QTL) (mapping and selection with molecular markers)

Teaching aids:

Breeding for Quantitative Traits in Plants (Rex Bernardo)

Exams: Assays and Written