Course: Molecular Breeding

Penelope Bebeli
Eleni Tani

Molecular Breeding focuses on applications of plant molecular biology techniques on plant breeding. Special attention is given on development and applications of molecular markers on plant breeding with examples on MAS, MABS, GWS, Association Mapping ,etc Recent progress of modern plant breeding i.e comparative genomics and all omics technologies is also one of the main topics. Finally the incorporation of all the information on a bioinformatics platform is demonstrated,

Course description

  • Utilization of molecular markers in plant breeding (MAB): measurement of genetic variability, genetic maps, marker assisted selections (MAS), marker assisted backcrossing (MABC), association mapping, genome wide selection (GWS), quality control of the genetic material and of varieties. Gene mapping.  Marker assisted gene pyramiding.
  • The approach of plant breeding through genetic engineering: genetic engineering methodologies, production and use of genetically modified varieties, analysis of possible risks, the coexistence of GM and non-GM varieties, Bioethics
  • New advanced technologies (ZFN, CRISPR/Cas9,TALEN, ODM, Cisgenesis, Intragenesis etc.)
  • Use of –omics technologies (genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics, phenomics) in plant breeding
  • Use of bioinformatics tools in plant breeding