Announcements - Requirements

Candidates for the P.P.S. of the Department of Crop Science must have already graduated within a relevant field of science from a university of Greece or abroad.

During February, an announcement is published in the daily press and the Bulletin of the Greek Chamber of Agricultural Scientists (GEOTEE) stating that the P.P.S. will start on October 1 of the same year. 

The announcement includes the following information:

  • General description of the P.P.S. (scientific content, duration etc.)
  • The number of available places
  • Instructions concerning the dates of application and the required certificates and documents
  • The qualifications required for application

By the end of April, candidates submit a written application for entry to the P.P.S. which must be accompanied by:

  • A copy of their degree, or a certificate that they have completed their educational obligations
  • An analytical mark sheet for all the subjects of the degree, together with the mark awarded for their practical project
  • A concise curriculum vitae and abstracts of any published work
  • Copies of any certificates or postgraduate diplomas
  • An indication of participation in research activities
  • Two letters of recommendation by University Professors or Senior Research Officers of recognized Research Centres of Greece or abroad
  • A diploma or certificate of the candidate’s proficiency in one or more foreign languages
  • Declaration of the specialization that the candidate intends to follow.
  • Final-year undergraduate students are permitted to apply for entry to the P.P.S. and to participate in the selection process on condition that they will have fulfilled all their educational obligations (courses and research project) within the time limit set for registration of the successful P.P.S. candidates. The fulfillment of these obligations must be verified by the University.