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Dimitrios Bilalis

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Personal Info

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Dimitrios J. BILALIS
AUA - Agricultural University of Athens
Organic Agriculture

Agricultural Univ of Athens
Department of Crop science
Iera Odos 75, 11855
Athens, Greece

Birth date: 2 Mai 1968
Family status: Married with 2 child

Emails: bilalis@aua.gr bilalisdimitrios@gmail.com
Tel 003021052944944
Skype name: dimitrios.bilalis2

Studies: High Schoool of «Palamiki Lyceum” (1987).
Agric Univ of Athens: 1987-1992 BSc & MSc
PhD Thesis: 1995-1999 Agric Univ of Athens (Scholarship of IKY)

Dr. Honoris Causa USAMV Cluj – Napoca (Sept 2017)..
Professor of Organic Agriculture at Agricultural University of Athens (2001-present).
Director of Sector of Agronomy, Breeding & Meteorology of Agric Univ of Athens from 2015.
Professor at University of Ioannina (2002-2007), tutor in Open University of Cyprus (from 2011 until 2014).
Visitor Researcher (1999-2001) at Univ of Bonn with IKY-DAAD scholarship.
A large number of papers in high-profile journals (more than 70 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals); reviewer for a lot of scientific contributions in reviewed journals and member in editorial board – committees for different scientific journals.
General Secretary of Interscientific Society for Organic agriculture in Greece from 2002-2008.
Member of numerous organizations and associations (such as IFOAM, ISOFAR, EWRS,  and others); participation in many international conferences and meetings in domain area.
National representative member at EU-IFOAM, from 2007-2011.
Evaluator in many projects (national and for EU).
Participation in many projects as project manager or scientific supervisor (more than 35).
Member in Certification Board in Organic Certification Body “DIO” and member of Council of Institute Organic Agriculture (President 2010-12).
Member of National Accreditation Council (ESYD).
He has supervised 5 PhD and 30 Master dissertations (in Greece and In Cyprus).
Member of reform team of National Agriculture Program according to CAP-EU and Scientist Advisory at Greek Parliament (Mai 2015).
Large number of studies & Projects for organic agriculture and products for industrial, cooperatives, government and local authorities sector.
Projects for Greek agriculture development according CAP 2007-2013 & 2014-2020. 
Member of NGO Organization Earth. 
Many articles and contributions at daily newspapers, TV broadcasts.

Last EU Projects:
Mannunet 2017-2020. SusTainable explOitation of toMATO proCessing industrY by-produCts.
Balkan Med 2017-2020. FOCUS”- Strengthening competitiveness of agri-food SMEs through transnational Clusters”.
FP7-Eurolegumes «Enhancing of legumes growing in Europe through sustainable cropping for protein supply for food and feed” 2014-2017.
FP7-KBBE«Legume-supported cropping systems for Europe» 20012-2016.

Research areas
Organic Agriculture,
New crops & Innovation,
Certification, Soil management,
Weed management,
Agriculture & Environment


Bilalis Dimitris CV final EN.pdf
Title Credits Undergrad/Postgrad Compulsory/Elective
Organic Agriculture 5 Undergraduate Elective
Postgraduate Elective
Special Topics on Soil Cultivation 5 Undergraduate Elective
Field Crops I 5 Undergraduate Compulsory
Postgraduate Elective

Kakabouki I., Tzanidaki A., Folina A., Roussis I., Tsiplakou E., Papastylianou P., Kanatas P. and Bilalis D.J. 2020. Teff (Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter) fodder yield and quality as affected by cutting frequency. Agronomy Research 18(2), 422–431, 2020 https://doi.org/10.15159/AR.20.156


Karydogianni, S., Darawsheh, M.K., Kakabouki, I., Zisi, Ch., Folina, A.E., Roussis, I., Tselia, Z. & Bilalis, D. 2020. Effect of nitrogen fertilizations, with and without inhibitors, on cotton growth and fiber quality. Agronomy Research 18(2), 432–449. Doi: 10.15159/AR.20.148


Roussis, I., Kakabouki, I., Bilalis, D. 2019. Comparison of growth indices of Nigella sativa l. under different plant densities and fertilization.Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture. 31(4): 231-247 doi: 10.9755/ejfa.2019.v31.i4.1934


Georgia Ntatsi,Anestis Karkanis,Dionisios Yfantopoulos,Valentini Pappa,Inara Helena Konosonoka,Ilias Travlos,Dimitrios Bilalis,Penelope Bebeli &Dimitrios Savvas. 2019.Evaluation of the field performance, nitrogen fixation efficiency and competitive ability of pea landraces grown under organic and conventional farming systems.Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science. 65(3): 294-307.


Darawsheh, M.K., Kakabouki, I., Roussis, I., Bilalis, D.J. 2019. Cotton response to planting patterns under effect of typical and limited irrigation regime. Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca. 47(4):xxx-xxx. DOI:10.15835/nbha47411712


Ilias TRAVLOS1, Panayiota PAPASTYLIANOU, Antonis ALEXOS, Panagiotis KANATAS, Dimitrios BILALIS, Anastasia TSEKOURA, Ioanna KAKABOUKI, Nikolina CHEIMONA, 2019.Changes of Weed Flora due to Nitrogen Addition in Sunflower. 47(4):1337-1339. DOI:10.15835/nbha47411744


Ioanna P. Kakabouki , Ioannis Roussis , Dimitra Hela , Panayiota Papastylianou , Antigolena Folina , Dimitrios Bilalis. 2019. Root growth dynamics and productivity of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) in response to fertilization and soil tillage. Folia Hort. 31(2) (2019): 277-xxx. DOI: 10.2478/fhort-2019-0023

Dimitrios J. Bilalis, Ioannis Roussis, Ioanna Kakabouki, and Antigolena Folina 2019. Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) crop under Mediterranean conditions: a review. Cien. Inv. Agr. 46(2):51-68. DOI 10.7764/rcia.v46i2.2151


Doula, M.K., Zorpas, A.A., Inglezakis, V.J., Navvaro, J.P., Bilalis, D.J. 2019. Optimization of heavy polluted soil from olive mill waste through the implementation of zeolites. Environmental Engineering & Management Journal (EEMJ). Vol. 18 Issue 6, p1297-1309. 13p.


Katsenios, N., Roussis, I.E., Efthimiadou, A., Kakabouki, I., Bilalis, D. 2019. Seed treatment techniques to improve germination of wild asparagus (Asparagus acutifolius L.), a potential new crop.47(3):995-1000. DOI:10.15835/nbha47311554