Aimilia-Eleni Nikolopoulou

Laboratory Teaching Staff

Personal Info

Name Surname: Aimilia-Eleni Nikolopoulou

Nationality: Greek

Contact Details: mil1@aua.gr



2009: Doctor of Philosophy. Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, Dep. of Crop Science, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. Scholarship from EPEAEK II. 

2001: Master of Science. Laboratory of Floriculture and Landscape Architecture, Dep. of Crop Science, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.

1998: Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Sciences / Αgronomist. Dep. of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece.


Professional Experience:

Current Position: Teaching Assistant and research assistant, Lab. of Plant Physiology and Morphology, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. Lectures and laboratory classes in Plant Anatomy, Plant Physiology, Plant Nutrition, Plant responses under abiotic stresses. Research projects, member of supervising committees of bachelor thesis. Presentations and lecturing at the Postgraduate Programme

2016 - 2017: Invited Lecturer, Technological Institute of Thessalia, Greece.  Lectures at the Postgraduate programme “Innovative Technology and Athletic field turfgrass”

2016: Invited Lecturer, Technological Institute of Kalamata, Greece.  Lectures at the Postgraduate programme “Agriculture under controlled environments, Hydroponics”

2010-2019: Teaching staff, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, (Ministry of Agriculture). Lectures on turfgrass management, and garden plant synthesis, in seminars, in the thematic area “Urban horticulture”, for Professionals

2001-2006: Lecturer, Technological Educational Institute of Messolonghi, Faculty of Agriculture, Dep. of Greenhouse crops and Floriculture. Teaching subjects: “Production of Floricultural Plants” and “Urban Horticulture”, undergraduate programme. “General aspects of Floricultural plants and their production”. Socrates – Erasmus Students’ Exchange Programmes. Supervisor of several thesis



Ph.D.: A.-E. Nikolopoulou, 2009. Investigation of physiological-morphological features of turfgrass species under stress. Scholarship from EPEAEK II

M.Sc.: A.-E. Nikolopoulou, 2001. Investigation of the substrate and compaction effects on cool season turfgrass species’ establishment and growth rates

B.Sc.: A.-E. Nikolopoulou, 1998. Financial features of greenhouse vegetables at the district of Lakonia, Greece.

Language skills

  • Greek (native)
  • English: CPE, Cambridge
  • Italian: Celi3, Un. Di Perugia 
  • French

2013, 2016, 2018: Research assistant in turfgrass projects, at CERTES (University of Pisa, Italy) via Erasmus+, Erasmus staff mobility training: 01/19-07-2013, 04/08-04-2016, and 08/11-05-2018. New species, selection, propagation, and turfgrass management, using environmental friendly techniques, and innovative technology (precision agriculture).

2010: Researcher, and consultant, in the Scientific project “Investigation of ecosystem’s biodiversity”. Site visits and samplings, analysis, and reporting for the conditions, and management of the golf course, and the green areas, of Elounda Mare Hotel, Relais & Chateaux.

2002-2004: Research assistant in the scientific project “Evaluation and development of techniques for the restoration of landfills and sanitary landfill sites”. Site visits, sampling, substrate, plant material analysis, reporting about PCB’s and VOC’s concentrations, experimental projects.  

2002: Research assistant in the scientific project “Investigation of the substrates for the green roof construction and planting of the Athens Concert Hall”. Sampling and substrate analysis.

Selected publications in peer review journals and conferences

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