Dionysios Perdikis

Assistant Professor
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Personal Info

- Member of the management connittee of the COST ACTION FP 0901 “Analytical Techniques for Biorefineries” (2009-2012).

- HRAKLEITOS II “Studies on the effects of plant consumption, hunger level and intraguild predation on the prey consumption by omnivorous insect predators”

-  Member of the MC of the COST Action FA 1105 “Towards a sustainable and productive EU organic greenhouse horticulture” – BIOGREENHOUSE

- LIFE ENV/GR/000302 SAGE 10 “Establishment of Impact Assessment Procedure as a tool for the sustainability of agro-ecosystem: the case of Mediterranean olives”. (2012-2014).

 - Chair of the Quality Assurance and Monitoring Committee in the project: “Reshaping of Agricultural Vocational Studies in the Western Balkans – AGRIVOC” (2012-2015)

- Coordinator of the project: “Seminars in Agriculture-TRIPTOLEMOS” funded by the General Secretariat for Youth, Hellenic Republic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (2012-2013).

- Coordinator of the project: “Monitoring and damage prognosis and control of the processing tomato pests Helicoverpa armigera and Tuta absoluta” funded by the tomato industry (2014-2015).

- A Location–aware System for Fruit Fly Monitoring and Pest Management Control FruitFlyNet Standard II-B/2.1/0865/ENPI CBC MED/EU.


“Studies on the biological parameters and food preferences of the polyphagous predator Macrolophus pygmaeus (Rambur)”. 2000. PhD Thesis. Agricultural University of Athens. 351p.

Publications in international scientific peer reviewed journals

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