Course: Field Crop Physiology

Garyfalia Economou
Yolanda Papatheohari
Dimitris Bouranis
Panayiota Papastylianou

Photosynthesis and respiration: environmental effects on the photochemical and biochemical phases and the gas exchange, photoinhibition. Canopy photosynthesis. Environmental effects on dark- and photorespiration. Assimilate transport, source-sink relationships.

Plant water relations: terminology, forces affecting water retention in plant cells and tissues, water transport in the soil-plant atmosphere continuum, adaptive responses of plants and crops to drought.

Inorganic nutrition: nutrient absorption mechanisms, nutrient transport in soil and plants, soil nutrient availability, nutrient absorption by crop root systems.

Vegetative growth: foliage, stem, and root growth. Growth of storage organs. Environmental effects.

Reproductive growth: differentiation of floral meristems, inflorescence growth, flowering, grain and fruit-filling. Environmental effects.

Plant and crop growth analysis: growth parameters.